Monday, May 21, 2007


----- ---this post is dedicated to ROMMEL POSADAS for making sure i remember my lola everynight of my life while i am away. sniff sniff...


I thank God He created LOLAs. Arent they just the sweetest things in the whole universe?

I am one big lolas girl, i wanted to be everything my lola was. Pretty, concious, always graceful... the list goes on oh my lola was just the best. Shes really and i mean really is everything to me. I was always the extraordinarily challenged grandaughter too.. i was never a weakling but i am the worlds biggest crybaby, my lola would dote me with every little qualms that i have shes just so much of a darling shed always remind me that of all her apos i am the one closest to her heart.

Then i met Rommel.... my heart melted when he said that he is constantly left at home with his lola since childhood. I was beginning to realize this is something i have just got to see. Its for the first time at that.

Of course i know lots of grandmas being the really mommys to their apos in certain situations. This is specially true here in the Philippines, since Filipinos practice extended families. But a guy? for real....

I heard Rommel asking his Lola why the viand just doesnt taste like anything - bland. I heard his Lola grunted. It send butterflies to my stomach just thinking about it. I confusingly looked outside my window just to keep tears from falling. I was painfully missing my own grandma, she cooked my every meal when i was a baby until it was my time to just start my own life. I missed how she prepared her tasty treats loaded with much vegetables to extend the viand or just to simply force upon me that veggies are good, no matter how foul looking they are.

These days i while time away with just talking to Rommel over the phone, i keep hearing his lola asking him to do this or that. And i miss the days when i grumble in silence as my lola would force to learn how to knit, how to clean up the house, how to cook, how to bake. And in my heart i wished very sincerely that i would be there one more time.... i would definitely never grumble this time lola. I promise.

Then i heard Rommel's lola ask him to turn the television volume just a little bit up, she was watching wrestling -- the dramatized one .... i wanted to laugh in a more silly way than i did this past couple of days. It felt like a surreal idea of where i wanted myself to be.

My lola is now 92 years old, a thousand miles away. She uses the wheelchair, because of artrhitis her old and battered knees that fed nine children and nurtured more than 50 grandchildren gave way. My lola's eyes are still the same though she would intensely gaze at me even in her sometimes gaily way of not remembering everything. LOLa gazed at me and shed always say, kahit sinong apo pa ikaw lang ang kahit kailan lagi nasa puso ko (of all my grandchildren you'll always be the one here in my heart).

Now i can finally say i rest my case in finding out what lola's are for really in this world.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i miss you

i found this beautiful picture.... touched me to no end.

the picture said it all, a poem beside it reads:

I woke up this morning and listened, I listened for our early morning home life buzz, listened for the sound of your voice, Your voice gently whispering and humming, Humming words of love to me.

And I woke up this morning, but heard nothing, Nothing familiar, nothing I know, Nothing I know now but a true pain, A true pain flowing through my body and soul, For I will not hear you and, I will not see you, You all who gave me warmth, who shared food and laughter, You who gave me life, Life today forever changed, Changed into loneliness, Loneliness and fear, Fear with none of you, You who were everything to me, I miss you I miss you every moment of the day, Day in and day out, Out of tears I sit awake and carefully listen, Listen for you… in case, just in case, … How I miss you.

For the forgotten children of Afghanistan with Love

click here to learn more about APAA

Saturday, March 17, 2007

oh wow. addict!

its funny how my brother being with me now has changed me in so much ways than one.

He frequently teases me that way... "oh wow! addict!" (this is with regards to almost anything that i do, most of it though is involved right in front of the PC bwehehe)

This recent teasing started when the 'ATE' came "stumbling upon a great series" hehehe i that i found really interesting.

He must be probably thinking that he has a lunatic for a sister.

I guess for some reasons, there are those things that get you sidelined once in a while, but there are things also that get you really derailed.... really very derailed, like falling off the cliff or something.


This time its a manga series, unreleased here in the Philippines (the anime version though is being aired by ABS-CBN and Hero TV, though right now its just the fillers).
Now who would have thought that id get addicted to this Manga thing? Oh well the story line is great, the colored manga pages are amazing, and my imagination is wildly on the look.

As per wiki, (by the way congrats wiki! for making it to those dictionary pages!)Manga ( Manga?) is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons. Outside of Japan, it usually refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan. As of 2007, manga represents a multi-billion dollar global market.Manga developed from a mixture of ukiyo-e and foreign styles of drawing, and took its current form shortly after World War II. It comes mainly in black and white, except for the covers and sometimes the first few pages; in some Animanga (Anime printed in Manga style) all the pages are colored.

Popular manga are often adapted into anime (Japanese for animation) once a market interest has been established (Manga is sometimes mistakenly called "anime" by those not familiar with the term). Adapted stories are often modified to appeal to a more mainstream market. Although not as common, original anime is sometimes adapted into manga (such as the Gundam franchise, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Tenchi Muyo).


Iya is addicted as well, who would imagine a three year old (girl at that), memorizing every character in the Manga... its fabulous really.

I guess, now i understand those guy who for a lifetime collect those comic books etc.
You would be amazed at the number of people who are interested in them too. They come from all walks of life, a CEO from a multi-million company to a 13-year-old crybaby. really it is a racket out there.

So aside from promoting Greenpeace, i decided to promote two of our favorite Mangas. Both currently released by Weekly Shonnen Jump in Japan. Rurouni Kenshin (popularly known as Samurai X here) which to unpopular knowledge after releasing its last chapters in 1999, has released and currently running for a 22 volume Manga 'the Kanzenban edition', sequel to the former release. Released by VIZ Media in US and Canada. Its a romantic and historical story of the Japanese Meiji Era, of a samurai.

The other one being a very famous anime series here in the Philippines (for the younger generation though) is Naruto. Naruto, romanized as NARUTO in Japan is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto with an anime TV series adaptation. Its main character, Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village.

The manga was first published by Shueisha in 1999 in the 43rd issue of Japan's Shonen Jump magazine. VIZ Media publishes a translated version in the American Shonen Jump, and has translated roughly a third of the series. Naruto has become VIZ Media's best-selling manga series.

The anime series, produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex, premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo network and the anime satellite television network Animax on October 3, 2002, and is still being aired. Viz also licensed the anime for North American production. Naruto debuted in the United States on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block on September 10, 2005, and in Canada on YTV's Bionix on September 16, 2005. Naruto began showing in the UK on Jetix on July 22, 2006. It began showing on Toasted TV on January 12, 2007 in Australia, although it could be watched on Cartoon Network in 2006. The first series lasted nine seasons, while the second began its first on February 15, 2007. Here in the Philippines, the fillers are being aired through ABS-CBN and Hero TV.

-0- as in wiki would describe its popularity and growth,

The series' length and popularity is comparable to that of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, another popular action-oriented sh┼Źnen manga. Since its creation, Naruto has spawned a large number of fansites that contain detailed information, guides, and active forums. Some of the first and most popular sites targeted at English speaking audiences were established shortly after the first English manga volume was released in August of 2003. Like many other manga and anime titles, Naruto has also spawned its own collectible card game.

Prior to the anime's North American debut in 2005, several scanlation and fansub groups translated the series and made it available for free download on the internet. Despite North American companies' perceived tendency to prosecute fansubbing groups more frequently than Japanese companies, there are some that have continued to translate new Naruto episodes due to the extremely large gap between the English and Japanese versions.

Volume 7 of the manga has recently won a Quill Award for best graphic novel in North America. In TV Asahi's latest top 100 Anime Ranking, Naruto ranked 17th on the list.

Naruto was named as "Best Full-Length Animated Program" on the recently concluded 3rd USTv Students' Choice Awards. The awarding ceremonies were held on February 20, 2007 at the UST Medicine Auditorium. The awards are given by the 35,000-strong student body of the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines).


So here ill publish several links. Where youll find easy downloads for both mangas.

for current and former releases of Ruruoni Kenshin

and for current and former release of Naruto, both Naruto and Now NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (Hurricane Chronicles), actually theres a lot! but i rely on this two sites most for weekly updates and cool fan-colored pages.
or this

Thursday, March 15, 2007


where they at? where they at?

oh yeah the bad boys... where you now?

I admit it. I am a sucker for bad boys.... Not just the talk cheap type, but wait not that junkie-everyday either (tsk tsk i aint that super crazy yet)

I remember dating this uber bad boy before, he ended having fist fights every week and i ended up grounded for the rest of my life for seeing him. Bwehehe what a thrill...

What is it with bad boys then? That seem to attract the good girls. (--cough---Im a good girl.. I used to be more than your usual goody two shoes... until it learned to swear and cuss most of the time)

My friend said she dated this bad boy once, who at was at the same time the biggest softie... he never had that tattoes because he was scared of needles, but he did almost killed someone because that certain person actually dated his little sister blah blah blah ended up breaking her heart... so of came the baseball bat and what they remembered next is that he is in the police station calling her to contact his parents for bail.

One time i was talking to a new friend, we were on this food trip he was sharing this story where he beat up a whacko who broke an ex-girlfriends heart. It was so touching that i got really interested in him for a while... until he got to that part where how he had gotten back with this girlfriend because of that. SAYANG.

I recently came upon an old single of Destiny's Child "SOLDIER". ANd i kind of reminded me with my fascinations of bad boys. I was funny because i have listened to this song a lot of times before but only recently i was able to understand what the lyrics really click... and listen.

'Soldier: Yahoo! Music Exclusiv...' by Destiny's Child

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i answered the personality test.

I am Kakashi!

so much, so little, so what???


Now March... oh well, what the heck. I don't even watch the clocks anymore... i have this gut feeling that they have their own minds. And that its purely necessary that they race against each other.

How horrible.

And so i decided to forget about time altogether.. until i noticed how most of my hair are turning white. (nah just kidding) but seriously i noticed that i have missed A WHOLE LOT of things while doing this time shunning thing. So now im back... with a vengeance.

Oh, aside from my usual ugly habits... i developed an addiction lately. Freaky addiction at that too (i used to think I am special, now i am totally just plain insane). Geez... who would have guessed that a plain nowhere girl like me would actually just fall and limit all my potential sucess in the future thing because of one stupid addiction.

I know you'd what to guess what it is.... not now.

Here have a click...

what a life...

but really its enjoyable... specially when i pretend that its the same as actual novel like reading... its still pages right? cute glossy ones....

now where to i go.....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My - Post - Valentines - post


It sure have been a long time since i last posted. But oh well since times have change, people have been very busy,i have been busy myself though in a different way....

Last year, on Valentines day Eve, i was with couple of friends. Celebrating the season with buckets of tears. Most of us were singles at that time, or if not they considered themselves single... I remembered wanting, wishing and actually hoping to become an alcoholic at that point... though nothing seemed to work.

Last year, i remember belting the karaoke with them and racing on who will get drunk first as valentines day approaches... oh and we went swimming too.. that very same day, now i am totally thinking whether we all wanted to drown or something. Getting all rowdy in the middle of the night. But hell it was one of my most memorable valentines day celebration ever.

Fast forward one year later... these wonderful friends i have been with, i don't even have their numbers now.. (but hey if youre reading this i hope you'll smile as you remember that moment, when you remember who posed silly for the camera, and you know who claded in a two piece suit, and when you know who was so devasted due to a break-up he ended up snoring so loudly..)

This valentines 2007 was spent quitely with Iya, my Brother and a good long distance call to someone who was almost wailing on how long it has been since we celebrated valentines together. Oh yeah you wailed silly... its all your fault why youre running a cold.

Seeing on all this, i can't help but think that as people come and go, as promises are broken and relationships repaired, one constant thing remains.. we move on. People move on. I think that as time continually forces us to, we let everything be molded with time, there is a constant realization that some things we really don't have any control of. Sure i still miss the day in the year when i get all mushy, but it is not as exciting now, a long talk over the phone made my day a wonderful valentines celebration. So unlike last year when i have wanted to feel how to drown on water and gin... and i was awake for almost three straight days.

I dont know if i am just getting older or something. But time really does fly..